Site at risk.

Leeds City Council has been required by the Government to identify possible sites for housing in the years up to 2028.  The Development Plan Framework identifying sites across Leeds is now in the final stages of public consultation.

The council does not build itself but developers can propose development on any land they have identified as suitable for development. 

These proposals can include greenfield and green belt sites. Adel and Wharfedale branch have consistently supported the Parish Council in Bramhope to prevent unacceptable housing developments. The City Council has been supportive and has rejected all the proposals by developers for new housing developments in Bramhope but there are appeals pending.

The City Council is clearly in a difficult situation as changes to the planning regulations have been made by the Government to empower developers over local views. Leeds City Council can appeal against the government decision but is has
recently lost ten appeals against developers and the legal costs are punitive.

Adel and Wharfedale Labour Party supports the the use of brownfield sites, such as the former Government buildings in Adel and at former university residences, but we have consistently and successfully opposed planning requests for developments on other sites as these proposals are not necessary. Land is available on brownfield sites elsewhere in Leeds to build in excess of ten thousand homes so there is no need to draw on greenfield sites.

It is clear that the developers are interested in maximising profits by proposing development in greenfield and green belt sites, which have no associated ‘clean-up’ costs that may be needed on brownfield sites. The developers also make no associated proposals about enhanced infrastructure; such as schools and health centres.

Yes we need more houses but developments must include affordable homes, local authority housing for rent and use brownfield sites first. They must contribute to the development of  sustainable communities which ensure a good quality of life for all.

The A660 corridor is a significant route for traffic into Leeds. Housing developments are planned or are in progress down the A660 from towns in North Yorkshire to the city centre. This will inevitably lead to more traffic, more congestion and more air pollution for all of us using or living in the corridor.

We urge all members to respond to Leeds City Council’s consultation. You can get more information by going online at and clicking on Site Allocation Plans Publication Draft. This will enable you to see maps, information and instructions on how to comment.

This is urgent as the consultation closes at 5.00pm on Monday 16th November and any comments made after the consultation period will not be considered.

One thought on “Saving Bramhope

  1. Hold on there Labour people.
    1. It is always the cry of folks in posh, pricey areas that their priorities should be everyone’s, so beware of adopting the same small-minded protectionism of LibDems.
    2. No one in the vital professions of policing, nursing or teaching (still less bus drivers or binmen)can afford to buy in Bramhope. Without their selfless service for low pay this country would be in the same uproar as others around the world where chaos and private avarice trump altruism and public order. (A Tory ideology)
    3. The brown sites mentioned in Adel and Boddington are not typical. Think derelict factory beside the M1. You don’t want to live there? Why should cheap housing be put there?
    4. Greenbelt land is not sacred or even natural. It’s a manufactured amenity that benefits better-off suburbs. There is no need to lose it; just move it: for every acre of green taken for homes, an acre of brown could be planted with trees. There are plenty of sites around the city, too bleak or toxic for homes. Trees and, eg sunflowers, would clean up ex-petrol stations and similar eyesores for generations of the future.
    5. Protectionism is indicative of a sadly, cramped view of the world. May I mention Socrates? He proposed that everyone bring their troubles and burdens and place them in a communal heap which would then be shared out – everyone getting an equal share. Most people, he said, faced with a portion of distress equal to everyone else’s, would pack up their own troubles and take them home.
    Very sound on Labour philosophy, that Socrates.

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