A post on the Adel Neighbourhood Forum today is reporting that the Secretary of State has decided not to call in the application for the development in Adel known as East of Otley Road.

What does this mean? When planning consent is required by a developer they submit plans to Leeds City Council Planning Office. After a thorough process the Planning Officer comes to a decision on whether or not to grant planning approval. That decision can then be ‘called in’ by the Secretary of State to review where the decision has the potential of being reversed. This process in itself doesn’t cost the council or developer anything. However, once the decision has been made it can then only be challenged in the High Court – usually a costly process.

As Leeds Council approved this development the Secretary of State is happy to let it proceed to the next stage (Reserved Matters) where more exacting details of the proposed development will be released. This will require another planning application which will be subject to comment and further appeal.

If you’d like to see all the information on application for this development you can find it on the planning portal under reference 16/06222/OT.

As an added bonus – here is a link to download the Plain English guide to the Planning System from The Department for Communities & Local Government.

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