Not long before the Prime Minister called the last General Election the Conservative Party started to look to recruit for a number of posts throughout the UK. It could therefore be taken as a sign of yet another election if they started doing such things again.

On Tuesday (27/06/17) they advertised, amongst others, for:

  • Political Press Adviser for Conservative Campaign Headquarters
  • Media Monitoring Officer for Conservative Campaign Headquarters

Yesterday (28/06/17) they advertised for:

  • Campaign Managers – England and Wales for Conservative Campaign 
  • Borough Campaigners – London for Conservative Campaign Headquarters

The adverts for these roles expire at the end of August which is normally when the interview process would begin, then factoring in that candidates may have a 4 week notice period to serve you’d expect appointments in October.

However, on the advert for Campaign Managers it is stated that “CCHQ will sift and interview candidates as applications are received – on an ongoing basis until further notice. Offers will be made to successful candidates as possible after interview” which makes it sound like they’re in a bit of a rush.

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One thought on “Big Hint of Another Election – and soon…

  1. Given the walking disaster area she was during the last campaign, it would surprise me if the Nasty Party went into another General Election with May at the helm. Since then she and her party’s standing has plummeted even further, so perhaps if they change the leader in the next few weeks it could be another indication that they are intent on another GE drubbing. Given the narrow choice of possible candidates for the Tory leadership, if it were not so tragic for the country, it would be an absolutely hilarious joke. I have heard that the weird 1920s throwback Rees-Mogg is a favourite – that must be evidence of how hard up they are.

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