Last night there were 8 by elections; 5 Labour defences and 3 for the Tories.

  • Bolehall (Tamworth): Labour HOLD
  • Inverurie (Aberdeenshire): Tories HOLD
  • Stanley & Outwood East (Wakefield): Labour HOLD
  • Rossall (Wyre): Labour HOLD
  • Hucknall North (Ashfield): Independent GAIN from the Tories
  • Chapelford & Old Hall (Warrington): Labour HOLD
  • Beighton (Sheffield): Labour HOLD
  • Oxhey Hall & Harling (Three Rivers): Lib Dem GAIN from the Tories

In summation:

  • Labour HOLD all 5 contested seats (+/- 0), each with an improved vote share
  • Tories LOSE 2 and HOLD 1 seat (-2)
  • Lib Dems GAIN 1 seat (+1)
  • Independents GAIN 1 (+1)


It’s important to note that in May 2018 all 99 council seats in Leeds will be up for re-selection. The snap General Election slowed down the initial candidate selection process but it’s well on its way to completion now and The Labour Party will be putting up 3 councillors in each of the 33 wards, that includes Adel & Wharfedale.

If you’d like to help us out campaigning at the time keep an eye on our Meetings & Events page for details of our movements. If you’d rather offer financial support then please consider a donation to the branch. You can either do a one off donation, using the Paypal button on the right hand side of each of the pages on this site, or eMail us at if you’d prefer to set up a regular standing order and the Branch Treasurer will be in touch with the details you’ll need.

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