Last night there were 5 council by elections in the UK; 2 were Labour defences, 2 Tory defences, and 1 for the Kippers

  • Buckley Bistre West (Flintshire) – Labour HOLD
  • Gospel Oak (Camden) – Labour HOLD
  • Thamesfield (Wadsworth) – Tories HOLD
  • Stubbington (Fareham) – Lib Dem GAIN from UKIP
  • Limestone Peak (High Peak) – Tories HOLD

In summation therefore:

  • Labour: +/- 0
  • Tories: +/- 0
  • Lib Dems: +1

Quite striking that Stubbington (Fareham) has switched representatives from the most Anti Europe party to the most Pro Europe party. Mind you Labour held in a remain area in Camden and a leave area in Flintshire; maybe Brexit isn’t the be all and end all?

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