The matter has been raised locally recently about the problem of unsafe parking in and around schools. There is, for example, the proposal to reduce traffic speeds around Adel Primary School that we reported on recently.

This is a matter that the Labour led Leeds City Council takes seriously and in August this year introduced CCTV vehicles to monitor parking around schools in Leeds. At the time Councillor Richard Lewis (Pudsey – Lab), Executive Member for Regeneration, Transport, and Planning said:

“Despite our best efforts to resolve the issue of parking around the school gates there are still a number of people who value their own convenience more than the safety of children and other pedestrians. This is why we are now introducing these new measures using CCTV vehicles to record evidence and take action against those who are flouting the law.”

Those who break the law by parking on zig-zag lines near schools or pedestrian crossings and in bus stops will be sent a letter with images taken from the CCTV footage, and will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice of £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within two weeks).

The original Council press release can be read here.

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