Between the 25th of December and 7th of January bin collection days will be slightly different. Please see below depending on which day your bins are usually collected:

  • Usual Monday collections will be on Sunday 24th December and Tuesday 2nd January
  • Usual Tuesday collections will be on Wednesday 27th December and Wednesday 3rd January
  • Usual Wednesday collections will be on Thursday 28th December and Thursday 4th January
  • Usual Thursday collections will be on Friday 29th December and Friday 5th January
  • Usual Friday collections will be on Saturday 30th December and Saturday 6th January
  • Usual Saturday collections will be on Sunday 31st December and Sunday 7th January

The council is requesting that bins are available for collection at 7am on the relevant day and also that people don’t try and recycle metallic or glittery paper in green bins.

3 thoughts on “Local News: Changes to Bin Collections

    1. Many thanks for the information, I will pass this on to Alex Sobel MP immediately. Unfortunately we have no Labour councillors in the ward to be in direct contact with but there will be a chance to change this at the council elections in May.

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