Last Thursday there were 8 by elections throughout the UK; 5 Tory defences and 3 Labour defences. Here’s the rundown of results:

  • Northchurch (Dacorum): Lib Dem GAIN from Tories
  • Petersfield Bell Hill (East Hampshire): Indie GAIN from Tories
  • Oakham South East (Rutland): Indie GAIN from Tories
  • Rochester West (Medway): Labour GAIN from Tories
  • Wollaton West (Nottingham): Labour GAIN from Tories
  • Farnworth & Kearsley (Bolton): FAKF* GAIN from Labour
  • Droylsden East (Tameside): Labour HOLD
  • Little Parndon & Hare Street (Harlow): Labour HOLD

These results must be starting to worry CCHQ as the Tories lost all 5 of the seats they were defending. Labour started with 3 and ended up with 4 after taking two from the Tories in Nottingham, holding 2, and losing one in a hyper-local battle to FAKF*

* – FAKF: Farnworth & Kearsley First who have been at great pains to point out that they are nothing to do with Britain First and that they are in place to support the rights of all the people of Farnworth & Kearsley (Borough of Bolton)

FAKF - Small

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