Sites across Leeds are under consideration for the provision of council-owned extra care housing. Extra care housing is for those who have care and support needs as well as a housing need. It aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation, as well as providing the care and support necessary for independence. The scheme is designed to help to alleviate social isolation through access to shared facilities, dining and activities and also provides on-site access to 24/7 emergency or unplanned care – an additional feature that separates it from other forms of retirement living. The first planned phase of the programme will involve four sites, Holt Park among them.

Extra care housing costs significantly less to deliver than residential care, even when recipients have medium to high care and support needs.
Holt Park is included in the first stage – which will be delivered and managed by an external provider. Overall these will be mixed tenure, including homes for outright sale, shared ownership and a minimum of 35% of them will be affordable rented homes.
Seven sites altogether are planned, with a target of 1,000 extra care units in Leeds by 2028, as set out in the Leeds Vision for extra care.

As Labour’s executive member for communities, Councillor Debra Coupar, says: “Enabling older people to tailor their accommodation and support to their individual needs is what is making extra care housing such a popular option. In Leeds we recognise that, as it becomes more popular, the need for this type of accommodation rises. Our programme will help tackle the critical undersupply of extra care housing in the city and deliver high quality homes for older people in seven locations across the city. This will mean that the council is well on its way to meeting its target of 1,000 extra care homes for older people across the city by 2028. We are also hopeful that the programme will act as a catalyst to promote the wider development of extra care housing across the city.”

Rebecca Charlwood, Labour’s lead on health, wellbeing and adults believes extra care housing will help “to make Leeds the best city to grow old in.”
That’s all part of Labour’s ambitious plan for Leeds.

Link to original: Extra Care Housing planned for Holt Park.

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