We’re delighted to announce the selection of Chris Bridges to stand for Labour in the Adel & Wharfedale ward after our selection meeting on the 18th March. With the local elections not far away, we’re currently working closely with Chris to formulate our campaign plan. Please do get in touch if you’re able to volunteer any support for the election campaign – phone banking will be vital to our success with Covid making it difficult for us to engage with people face-to-face.

In the mean time, Chris had this to say to local members.

“I’m proud to be your new candidate for Labour in Adel & Wharfedale. I’ve been in and supporting the Labour party for many years because I believe it will give *everyone* in the country the best possible chance to live a good life – and I think we can all agree that a good life is something that has been missing of late. 

It’s been a difficult 12 months (as well as a difficult 10 years) under the leadership of a government that has been incredibly corrupt and incompetent in equal measure. 

With a Labour Mayor and a Labour council we can start to undo some of the pain that the conservatives have unleashed on us. 

We can start by voting for Labour in both the mayoral and local elections on 6th May. 

Both Tracy and I need your vote to make sure that we get the best possible outcome for Adel & Wharfedale and Yorkshire. 

I live and breathe Leeds. I came here to study nearly 20 years ago. Since then, and because this is the best place in the world, I have made Leeds my home for life. 

As a married man with 3 children, you’ll not be surprised to learn that I care for the environment, the public transport infrastructure, the schools, the hospitals and GP surgeries, and the parks. But I am also a small business owner – so I care about business rates, planning permissions, permitting and all the other services that businesses rely on. I want the city council to work for the benefit of all members of society – because in doing so everyone benefits. 

As a Unite member I want to do best for all workers in the city. I also want to do my best for the city itself. I do not believe “modernising” the airport is a genuine attempt to make the airport greener. We could have modernised the airport ourselves if the Tories had not sold the 40% share we as a city owned in the airport back when they were in power in 15 years ago.”

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