If I am elected to Leeds City Council on May 6 to represent Adel & Wharfedale ward, I promise that I will work to achieve the following:

A strategic approach to transport

With Tracy Brabin as our new Labour Mayor for West Yorkshire we will have a real opportunity to build a City with less congestion and cleaner air. We want to run public transport for the people not private profit. We will prioritise safe walking and safe cycling across Adel & Wharfedale, giving us streets that are safe for our children to play in.

A council sensitive to business *and* community needs

Business and community needs don’t need to be at loggerheads when it comes to service from the council. I have been a small business owner since graduating from the University of Leeds. Like you, I understand that local authorities in the country have suffered from over a decade of austerity cuts. Covid has reduced the council’s ability to take in taxes from business rates, and the government have not provided sufficient funding to local authorities to cope with the additional support that has been required during the pandemic.

Leeds City Council finds itself in a far better position than many other local authorities in the country and in a post-covid world we need to be more innovative in how we generate, spend and target our revenues. I believe that there are avenues for more business involvement to provide a more socially altruistic local area.

Clean Air and Environment

I will work to reduce pollution in our area, prioritising the climate emergency and the future of our young people. This means taking tough and brave decisions in the council chamber as well as working with our community, MP and Mayor to bring forward schemes that make our area cleaner, greener and safer.

I will also work on behalf of the local community to protect the green spaces that we all enjoy and ensure they are managed appropriately, as well as supporting the Council’s ambitious plan to plant over 5 million trees.

If you would like to tell me about your priorities for the area, please contact me on admin@awlabour.com so I can listen and represent on your behalf.

One thought on “Reasons to vote for Chris Bridges in Adel and Wharfedale

  1. This looks really good, and I can’t see any problems, well done Chris.  Best wishes,Carol

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