Cameron promises Gove he will finish the job!

It was another old Etonian and Tory Prime Minister who in 1902 decided to risk the anger of Leeds people by abolishing the school boards. Balfour was determined to preserve the best of the Victorian public and grammar schools and  to ensure that the Church of England had a central role in our education system. … Continue reading Cameron promises Gove he will finish the job!

National Planning Mess

This post was originally written to be a response to the comment on the second "Soggy Bottom" objection, post and comment can be read here. I have published separately as I believe there are many salient points about the current governments planning mess. - Editor. Where do I start to deal with Michael’s blunderbuss discharge … Continue reading National Planning Mess

‘Soggy Bottom’ – Objection 2

This is the second of three objections which the Adel & Wharfedale Branch Labour Party is submitting to the Reserved Matters application 15/04884/RM by Taylor Wimpey for their proposed housing development off Moseley Wood Gardens in Cookridge. Reserved Matters are the conditions which in December 2014 the council decided to require the developer to fulfil … Continue reading ‘Soggy Bottom’ – Objection 2

‘Soggy Bottom’ – Objection 1

This objection is one of three from Adel & Wharfedale Labour Party about various aspects of the Reserved Matters application (site reference 15/04884/RM) of 135 houses on land known as ‘Soggy Bottom’ located just off Moseley Wood Gardens in Cookridge. The party reiterates its objections to applications 13/04148/OT for 200 houses which was rejected by … Continue reading ‘Soggy Bottom’ – Objection 1

Global warming and energy security

Labour has a good record of environmental policy, if masked often by focus on other economic and social issues . Much planning law, the National Parks and Countryside & Rights of Way ( Open access) are examples. Global warming has risen up the political agenda over recent decades and the potential for employment from green … Continue reading Global warming and energy security

Not now Mao, let’s have Nietzsche

Now that Osborne’s smokescreen is beginning to clear, and while we watch to see the cuts reappear under another guise, and the dodged taxes remain dodged, how about a little philosophy? The shadow chancellor’s joking reference to Mao was a non-starter in the Bad Taste stakes. (First past the post must be the Tory Government’s … Continue reading Not now Mao, let’s have Nietzsche

Saving Bramhope

Site at risk. Leeds City Council has been required by the Government to identify possible sites for housing in the years up to 2028.  The Development Plan Framework identifying sites across Leeds is now in the final stages of public consultation. The council does not build itself but developers can propose development on any land they … Continue reading Saving Bramhope

The electoral system is changing

Did you know the electoral system is changing?  As a result in the changes to voter registration it is estimated that one million people are set to be removed from the electoral register this year. This Saturday Adel and Wharfedale Branch members will be out talking to people in the Holt Park area to make them aware of the need … Continue reading The electoral system is changing

Socrates stands by Corbyn and Hegel hands him victory.

On Trident, Jeremy Corbyn has already won, and on economic policy he has shattered the comfortable, macro-economic consensus that debates deficits and debts and ignores Sally and Steve from Swindon. (If that sounds insulting, it’s how Corbyn’s despatch box interventions have been sneeringly characterised on all sides). Socrates backs him on both issues. Here is … Continue reading Socrates stands by Corbyn and Hegel hands him victory.