Annual real wages in Leeds NW have fallen by 17% since 2010: Yorkshire and the Humber is over-reliant on temporary work

Alex Sobel, Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds NW, has joined Yorkshire’s Labour MPs to express concern at falling wages and the over-reliance of the region’s jobs market on temporary work. Annual real wages in Leeds North West have fallen by a mind boggling 17% - or more than £5300 – in the last three years. This is … Continue reading Annual real wages in Leeds NW have fallen by 17% since 2010: Yorkshire and the Humber is over-reliant on temporary work

We Own It – but not for much longer! Join Alex Sobel and sign up to fight privatisation of East Coast Mainline and Royal Mail

Make syre you sign up to these petitions

Leeds North West Constituency

We publish below a letter from a new group – We Own It. Alex Sobel, Leeds NW Labour candidate, has signed up to this. We fully support its aims, and urge you all to sign up to the petitions.

Do you want a say over your public services?logo_og.2

We’re campaigning for a Public Service Users Bill to promote public ownership and give you powers over your services – from the railways to the Royal Mail. Join us at Labour Party Conference in Brighton next Tuesday 24th September. We’ll be asking Labour to commit to introducing the Bill in its manifesto. The event is open, everyone is invited and you don’t need a pass. We’d love to see you there. You can sign up on facebook here.

Stand up for a public East Coast railway

Over 20,000 people – including many of you – believe the East Coast line is better…

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Holt Park regeneration – let us know what you think

The Holt Park regeneration scheme is moving up the agenda - and not before time. We were delighted, yesterday, to hear our Parliamentary candidate, Alex Sobel, speaking on it in the Council meeting. We share his enthusiasm. This is a real opportunity to transform and restore the Centre - and as a community hub. At … Continue reading Holt Park regeneration – let us know what you think

Alex Sobel welcomes proposals for Holt Park development – in consultation with the local community

At the meeting of Leeds City Council today, Alex Sobel, Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, spoke out about proposals for the development of Holt Park Centre. He welcomed the suggestions for older people's housing, general housing - and the protection of Greenspace - all contained within the proposals. He regretted the failure of … Continue reading Alex Sobel welcomes proposals for Holt Park development – in consultation with the local community

‘Super-cocooning’ – Alex Sobel welcomes policing initiatives against domestic burglary in Leeds North West

Leeds North West Constituency

I suspect you haven’t heard about ‘super-cocooning’. It probably conjures up images of warm beds and cold nights, or over-protective parents.north-west-leeds-region_2

But it’s something which will matter to you in the – we hope unlikely – event that you are the victim of a burglary.
It’s the term for the process the police have put in place to deal with domestic burglary and its victims.

So what is the process, and what will it look and feel like on a street where it takes place.

Three things are central to it
– ensuring full house to house enquiries are conducted within a reasonable proximity to a burgled house so that people are aware of the issue and any evidence available is gathered;
– reassuring the victim that all this has happened and of the fact the police are there to prevent any repeat or other offences locally;
– and finally…

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The Mass Sleep Out against the Bedroom tax – Leeds, 24 August, 7 p.m.

Leeds North West Constituency

Tomorrow, Saturday 24 August, there will be a Mass Sleep Out to protest against the Bedroom Tax.
The aim is to synchronise events across the country – to raise awareness of impending mass homelessness which the Bedroom Tax will produce. Thousands will be protesting. images

Events are happening in all the major cities in the UK. 60+ are planned to date – from Belfast to Birmingham, Airdrie to Southampton. Find out more on Facebook

There are local events in Wakefield and in Leeds.
Here in Leeds people will be meeting at 7 p.m. – outside the Art Gallery. You can get details, and sign up to show you’ll be going here.

Alex Sobel, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North West, will be there at 8 p.m. – to show his solidarity. Alex, along with Neil Walshaw, Councillor for Headingley Ward, is a long-standing campaigner against the Bedroom Tax.

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Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill – What price a LibDem principle?

Leeds North West Constituency

Lobbying has been at the forefront of the political agenda recently – and especially since Lynton Crosby crossed the threshold of No 10. David Cameron has been under pressure to tackle it. His – and the Coalition’s – response was the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill.944481_10151493954607411_537161168_n

You’ll note that ‘Lobbying’ is not all this Bill deals with: the Tories and LibDems thought it would be a clever plan to include the Trade Unions and their activities in this – no doubt with an eye to stymieing Labour, not to mention diverting attention from the major questions facing the Tories over lobbying.

Well, the plan succeeded – though not perhaps quite as they had intended.

The TUC has called the resulting bill “an outrageous attack on freedom of speech worthy of an authoritarian dictatorship”.

The TUC fear the bill contains clauses which would make organising its…

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Alex Sobel – the Open Mosques, Otley Food Festival and the Bedroom Tax

Leeds North West Constituency

Alex Sobel has hit the ground running after his selection as parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West.

On Saturday evening he was at the Big Iftar at the Makkah Mosque in Hyde Park, an Open Mosque evening. The mosque donated parcels of food/hampers to charities serving homeless people and will be raising funds for a local children’s charity during Ramadan.

Yesterday he was at the Otley Food Festival – a wonderful event drawing people from across the region to Otley, helping the local economy and bringing Yorkshire people together. [Many thanks to John Eveleigh and his colleagues for organizing this!]

In the afternoon, Alex was out door-knocking and contacting local people in Meanwood. meanwood_doorknock

And it was there that he met Paul.

As Alex puts it ‘Paul came to the door on his crutches and told me that he had to pay £50 a month to top up his rent due…

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