By Elections: 12/10/2017

Last night there were 8 by elections; 5 Labour defences and 3 for the Tories. Bolehall (Tamworth): Labour HOLD Inverurie (Aberdeenshire): Tories HOLD Stanley & Outwood East (Wakefield): Labour HOLD Rossall (Wyre): Labour HOLD Hucknall North (Ashfield): Independent GAIN from the Tories Chapelford & Old Hall (Warrington): Labour HOLD Beighton (Sheffield): Labour HOLD Oxhey Hall … Continue reading By Elections: 12/10/2017

By Elections: 05/10/2017

8 different by elections were held yesterday; here are the results: Burnham Lent Rise & Tatlow (South Bucks): Tory HOLD Burbage Sketchley & Stretton (Hinckley & Bosworth): Tory HOLD Borehamwood Kenilworth (Hertsmere): Labour GAIN from Tories Stoneleigh & Cubbington (Warwick): Tory HOLD Crewe East (Cheshire East): Labour HOLD Claremont (Salford): Labour HOLD Mash Barn (Adur): … Continue reading By Elections: 05/10/2017

By Elections: 28/09/2017

12 By Elections were held yesterday, here are the results: Trindon & Thornley (Durham): Labour HOLD Nene Valley (Northampton): Conservative HOLD Eastfield (Northampton): Labour HOLD Chedburgh (St Edmundsbury): Conservative HOLD Hundun (St Edmundsbury): Conservative HOLD Stretton (East Staffs): Conservative HOLD Washburn (Harrogate): Conservative HOLD Kingstone (Barnsley): Labour HOLD Halton-with-Aughton (Lancaster): Labour GAIN from Independent Toddbrook … Continue reading By Elections: 28/09/2017

By Elections: A Night to be Holding

There were 4 by elections last night and all were held; 1 Labour Seat, 1 Lib Dem, and  Tory. Labour's share dipped slightly in Park (Peterborough) and Southcourt (Aylesbury Vale) but rose by 6.5% and 8.8% in Riverside (Aylesbury Vale) and St Mary's (Forest Heath) respectively. The biggest losers of the night were UKIP.

By-Election Results: 03/08/2017

Last night there were 6 by-elections. Labour took 4 seats, 3 of which were gains. Tories took the other 2, taking one of them from Labour: