Tory Conference: Theresa May’s Speech in Full

Despite facing dual setbacks of a severe frog in her throat and a stage invasion, Theresa May managed to deliver her speech at today's Tory conference in Manchester. Instead of going for a reaction piece, here's the text of the speech in full for you to pour over and form your own opinions.

Tory Conference: Hammond Rambles on in Key Note Address

If you've not seen it then seek it out. This one speech uses so many lies about the Labour party (e.g. referring to the Global Financial Crisis as 'Labour's Recession'). Here's some responses from a few on the left collated by Labour List.

Conference: Final Day Run Down

It's been a busy day at Conference with Jeremy Corbyn at the podium for more than an hour delivering his key note speech. Here The Guardian gives a run down of all of today's events.