Just for Fun: Lib Dems Take on First Bus

Well not really - maybe that should read "Lib Dems Talk to First" as some town councillors from neighbouring Otley took a 'fact finding' mission to one of First Bus's facilities. Did they rebuke them for their failing service? No. Did they take a hard stance on drivers passing stops because they are already late? … Continue reading Just for Fun: Lib Dems Take on First Bus

Just for Fun: Angela Rayner Scoops Spectator Award

The Spectator hosts an annual award ceremony for parliamentarians and last night Angela Rayner took home the Rising Star Award. Her acceptance speech was 10 words of simple honesty: "I only came for the free food, so thank you" See the other winners, and hear all of their speeches on the Spectator's blog https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/11/spectator-parliamentarian-of-the-year-2017-the-winners/