How should we reduce air pollution in Leeds?​​​​​​​

Leeds City Council are currently asking people living, working and commuting in Leeds and the wider region to have their say on their latest proposals to reduce air pollution and protect the health of people in the city. These proposals include implementing a Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ). This link will take you the website … Continue reading How should we reduce air pollution in Leeds?​​​​​​​

Local News: Protection for Birds of Prey

North Yorkshire Police has just launched Operation Owl in a bid to cut the number of attacks on raptors - including owls, kites, buzzards and hawks - in the county. Areas such as Wharfedale and the Washburn Valley have seen birds persecuted in areas managed for grouse shooting in particular.

Local News: Grace Hosts

Leeds Asylum Seekers' Support Network (LASSN) is appealing for people to help out refugees in our city in any way they can. This can include offering a place to stay for a weekend or helping people to learn English. Alex Sobel who has been a Grace Host is endorsing the work being done.