PMQs: Corbyn Invokes Hawking

On a day when the great scientific mind of Stephen Hawking is being discussed and celebrated throughout the world, Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to utter some of the great man's words: “There is overwhelming evidence that NHS funding and the numbers of doctors and nurses are inadequate, and it is getting worse.” Surely this … Continue reading PMQs: Corbyn Invokes Hawking

PMQs: Corbyn Takes Charge

Jeremy Corbyn unleashed one of his best performances in Prime Minister's Questions today when he attacked Theresa May over Brexit and what it would mean for Northern Ireland and businesses in general. You can even watch the exchange, right here.

PMQs: 07/02/2018

Most commentators feel that simply by mentioning crime in PMQs today that Jeremy Corbyn had the stronger performance. One important exchange that isn't mentioned in the main article was between Vince Cable and Theresa May where the PM had the opportunity to say that the NHS was not up for sale in regards to … Continue reading PMQs: 07/02/2018