On June 8th 2017, WE WON in Leeds North West! Thanks have to go to a great local campaign bolstered by the support of many volunteers who came together to support Alex Sobel MP in his bid to secure the seat of Leeds North West for Labour. Well done everybody.

Now we have the task of maintaining our presence as a force for positive change for everybody living in our ward. Alex has already committed to keeping the same surgery schedule as the previous MP and is keeping active in the area when not in Westminster.

Our role here is to support Alex in his efforts and to maintain strong visibility of the party in the area. To do that we’ll be holding street stalls, leafletting, door knocking, etc… to not only show people we’re on hand but also to understand any issues that residents are currently facing in an effort to get them resolved as quickly as possible.

Branch MeetingsThe Branch holds its Ordinary Meeting at 7:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month at Adel Methodist Church, Holt Lane, Adel where we will be discussing branch business, any local issues, and any motions brought forward by members.

Next Event: Campaigning in Holt Park

We will be campaigning in the ward each Saturday (the first session of the month will coincide with Alex Sobel’s drop-in surgery) and meeting outside Asda in Holt Park.

We will be running street stalls where we’re able to engage with local shoppers on current issues (such as School Cuts) and also door knocking sessions to talk to local residents to understand any issues that they may currently be facing. There may be leaflets or letters to deliver as well. All we need is enthusiastic people with a bit of spare time. If you aren’t sure then why not contact our Campaign Coordinator by writing to:


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