The mystery of the Holt Park Leaflet – Labour Sleuth is on the case

Residents in Holt Park have recently received an “anonymous” leaflet that attacks a future Labour government and seeks to blame the Labour run Leeds City Council for the Lib Dem Tory cuts. The Lib Dems want us to believe that the Labour-led City council is responsible for cutting local public services. We all know this … Continue reading The mystery of the Holt Park Leaflet – Labour Sleuth is on the case

The Mass Sleep Out against the Bedroom tax – Leeds, 24 August, 7 p.m.

Leeds North West Constituency

Tomorrow, Saturday 24 August, there will be a Mass Sleep Out to protest against the Bedroom Tax.
The aim is to synchronise events across the country – to raise awareness of impending mass homelessness which the Bedroom Tax will produce. Thousands will be protesting. images

Events are happening in all the major cities in the UK. 60+ are planned to date – from Belfast to Birmingham, Airdrie to Southampton. Find out more on Facebook

There are local events in Wakefield and in Leeds.
Here in Leeds people will be meeting at 7 p.m. – outside the Art Gallery. You can get details, and sign up to show you’ll be going here.

Alex Sobel, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North West, will be there at 8 p.m. – to show his solidarity. Alex, along with Neil Walshaw, Councillor for Headingley Ward, is a long-standing campaigner against the Bedroom Tax.

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Alex Sobel – the Open Mosques, Otley Food Festival and the Bedroom Tax

Leeds North West Constituency

Alex Sobel has hit the ground running after his selection as parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West.

On Saturday evening he was at the Big Iftar at the Makkah Mosque in Hyde Park, an Open Mosque evening. The mosque donated parcels of food/hampers to charities serving homeless people and will be raising funds for a local children’s charity during Ramadan.

Yesterday he was at the Otley Food Festival – a wonderful event drawing people from across the region to Otley, helping the local economy and bringing Yorkshire people together. [Many thanks to John Eveleigh and his colleagues for organizing this!]

In the afternoon, Alex was out door-knocking and contacting local people in Meanwood. meanwood_doorknock

And it was there that he met Paul.

As Alex puts it ‘Paul came to the door on his crutches and told me that he had to pay £50 a month to top up his rent due…

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Keith Wakefield, Leeds Labour Leader – on poverty, the wicked Bedroom tax, and power to the North.

Leeds North West Constituency

Unless you are an avid reader of the Online Guardian, you probably missed this interview with Keith Wakefield – Labour Leader of Leeds City Council – which appeared in its Professional section this week.image_gallery

If so, that’s a shame, and you should make sure to read it in full.

The autobiographical bits are revealing. Keith Wakefield has come up the hard way – in care in Birmingham as a boy, he’s a man who has experienced poverty first hand. He knows what it’s like to sleep rough, or be jobless.

Perhaps it’s experiences like this which have made him such a committed fighter against this Coalition’s welfare reforms. Leeds has been at the forefront of the struggle against the Bedroom Tax.
His understanding of what the Coalition Government’s policies are doing to the poor comes across strongly.
He’s ready to speak out for the sort of people our right-wing…

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Council helps tenants affected by ‘Bedroom Tax’

Leeds City Council has been looking at ways to reduce the number of people who are being penalised by the Government for the under occupancy of a house. As part of the new welfare changes that are now in place, those tenants under occupying a house will receive up to 14% less housing benefit if … Continue reading Council helps tenants affected by ‘Bedroom Tax’

Stop the bedroom tax demonstration – April 20th

Although the welfare 'reforms' came in at the beginning of April it is not too late to tell this Tory/LibDem coalition government what we think of them! Hands Off Our Homes - Leeds is planning a big demonstration in Leeds for Sat April 20th. They are planning a big demo in Leeds City centre to show the council how many … Continue reading Stop the bedroom tax demonstration – April 20th

Council looks to help tenants affected by under occupancy

Leeds City Council is looking at ways to reduce the number of people who are being penalised for the under occupancy of a house. The council is looking at the possibility of re-designating the number of bedrooms in a wide range of council homes across the city so as to reduce the amount of people … Continue reading Council looks to help tenants affected by under occupancy