Cameron promises Gove he will finish the job!

It was another old Etonian and Tory Prime Minister who in 1902 decided to risk the anger of Leeds people by abolishing the school boards. Balfour was determined to preserve the best of the Victorian public and grammar schools and  to ensure that the Church of England had a central role in our education system. … Continue reading Cameron promises Gove he will finish the job!

Despatches from Cambodunum: Reports on CoEmperors E Picklio and M Horatio Govus from Darkest Adel

Before Christmas we posted a report from our intrepid scribe Andreas Bowlus in Outer Bramhope – on the ominous stirrings up the A660 and the iniquities of the CoEmperors PickloGovus. Now, from Darkest Adel and Wharfedale, come despatches from Cambodunum [aka Roman Adel] brought to you at considerable risk by our fearless team of Red … Continue reading Despatches from Cambodunum: Reports on CoEmperors E Picklio and M Horatio Govus from Darkest Adel

Tories, Academies and Really, Really Big Money: Whose Hands on the Levers of Power

This has proved extremely popular on the Leeds NW CLP website. It would be a shame if our readers in Adel and Wharfedale missed out.

Leeds North West Constituency

Ordinary folk like us are sometimes taken aback by the sheer brass-necked cheek exhibited by Tory politicians and we don’t just mean Osborne’s ‘We are all in this together’ mantra!

Take the case of Robert Edmiston, for example.

In the Sunday Times Rich List 2013 Robert Edmiston was ranked 209th of the wealthiest people in the UK with an estimated fortune of £440million. He made his money in the motor trade and through property and vehicle finance. One of his ventures was the acquisition of the Subaru car dealerships in the UK – there is one on the Otley Road at the top of Pool Bank.Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 17.21.02

Mr Edmiston is an evangelical and explicitly anti-gay marriage Christian who makes large donations to charities, including Christian Vision. Through his charities he is the sponsor of three secondary schools, under the single umbrella of Grace Foundation. These schools lie within the English…

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iPad scheme of Prince Henry’s Otley: Carl Morris voices concerns of parents #PHGSiPad

Parents at Prince Henry’s School in Otley say they are being ‘emotionally blackmailed’ into providing iPads for their children. This question has been bubbling away since the last weeks of 2013, with parents becoming increasingly outraged at the way the school has handled this entire issue. The school has asked all parents to agree to … Continue reading iPad scheme of Prince Henry’s Otley: Carl Morris voices concerns of parents #PHGSiPad

Congratulations to Leeds NW schools – Cookridge, Holy Trinity and Ireland Wood Primary. You’re STARS!

Leeds North West Constituency

Eleven Leeds schools have been rewarded for their stellar performances reducing congestion on the city’s roads while keeping pupils fit and active.

The schools achieved bronze and silver awards under the national Modeshift STARS scheme, which stands for Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools.

Cookridge Holy Trinity and Ireland Wood Primary both gained a bronze award. Well done!

Modeshift is a national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with children, young people, families, school communities, educational establishments and places of work.

The STARS scheme monitors travel to school patterns locally, regionally and nationally. It gathers data on travel patterns, carbon reduction and improvements in physical activity levels.

STARS is an online system that reduces the amount of time and work schools are required to undertake on travel planning. This frees them up to focus on delivering the sort…

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DfE confirms: the schools Gove said he visited don’t exist – the Orwellian world we now live in

Gove caught out.

Leeds North West Constituency

The following post appears on the website of the Local Schools Network. We know many of our readers do not follow Twitter – where we retweeted this. So we are publishing it in full below – with acknowledgement to its author, Janet Downs.
You can register to follow the Local Schools network by visiting their site

“I’ve visited schools where more—many more—children than the national average are registered as having special educational needs. But where every child manages to perform well above the national average in numeracy and literacy.”
Michael Gove, Conservative Home, 7 September 2013

That statement puzzled me. When I checked the school performance tables I could only find two schools, one in 2011 and one in 2012, where 100% of pupils achieved above the national average in Key Stage 2 Sats. Neither of these had more than the national average registered as having special educational needs (SEN)…

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‘Labour – the party for ALL children and ALL families – in Leeds and at Westminster’: Alex Sobel.

Leeds North West Constituency

This week has seen significant announcements by both main parties relevant to childcare and families.

In advance of the Tory Party Conference, David Cameron has said he will bring in tax relief for families in 2015.
By this what he means is tax relief for a Tory version of a family – in work, with one wage-earner, a stay-at-home parent, earning enough to benefit from tax-threshold changes. The gender of the working parent is not specified – but in practice this looks too like a return to the old Married Man’s Tax Allowance for comfort. In practice, too, it will likely put money into the hands of men, rather than directly into the hands of women and children.

‘Love is love, commitment is commitment’ says David Cameron
– for married couples with one earner on £40K, but not for married couples with each on £10K;
– except for two thirds…

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