Saving Bramhope

Site at risk. Leeds City Council has been required by the Government to identify possible sites for housing in the years up to 2028.  The Development Plan Framework identifying sites across Leeds is now in the final stages of public consultation. The council does not build itself but developers can propose development on any land they … Continue reading Saving Bramhope

Why I Joined the Labour Party – Doreen Illingworth

Why I joined the Labour Party: A war hero was crying on the phone to me.  This elderly gentleman was wondering how he would manage in the future with the housing benefit cuts that were being implemented. It was the early 80’s and Mrs. Thatcher’s awful Tory government was just getting into its stride.  My … Continue reading Why I Joined the Labour Party – Doreen Illingworth

Leeds Schools Music Festival

Today Labour led Leeds City Council opened day one of the Leeds Schools Music Festival- a 3 day music event for primary aged pupils which aims to build on the legacy of the Tour De France Grand Depart. The festival runs until Wednesday 17th June and it is expected that 1500 primary pupils from across … Continue reading Leeds Schools Music Festival

Safeguarding Tenants

Conservative ideology for a long time has been to minimise the state and maximise profits for those who already have money. The height of this was the selling off of social housing that began in the 1980s under Thatcher. The right to buy scheme, on paper, seemed a decent enough idea and gave long term … Continue reading Safeguarding Tenants