Economy: Time for More Public Control

Yesterday we saw the collapse of a company that runs swathes of Britain’s public services. Carillion holds £16 billion worth of public sector contracts, including contracts in hospitals, schools and prisons. Tens of thousands of jobs and vital services that hundreds of thousands of people depend on are on the line.

We Own It – but not for much longer! Join Alex Sobel and sign up to fight privatisation of East Coast Mainline and Royal Mail

Make syre you sign up to these petitions

Leeds North West Constituency

We publish below a letter from a new group – We Own It. Alex Sobel, Leeds NW Labour candidate, has signed up to this. We fully support its aims, and urge you all to sign up to the petitions.

Do you want a say over your public services?logo_og.2

We’re campaigning for a Public Service Users Bill to promote public ownership and give you powers over your services – from the railways to the Royal Mail. Join us at Labour Party Conference in Brighton next Tuesday 24th September. We’ll be asking Labour to commit to introducing the Bill in its manifesto. The event is open, everyone is invited and you don’t need a pass. We’d love to see you there. You can sign up on facebook here.

Stand up for a public East Coast railway

Over 20,000 people – including many of you – believe the East Coast line is better…

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The crisis in Local Authority budgets – Leeds Councillor Wakefield joins Council leaders to warn of impact of funding cuts

Leeds North West Constituency

This week saw an unusual alliance. 150 Council leaders – of all political parties – joined together to call for adequate funding in the 2015/16 spending round. image_gallery

As the next spending round is decided by Osborne and Pickles, this was a plea – from all sides of the political divide. It’s a unity which is evidence of the gravity of the crisis facing local government under this Tory/LibDem Coalition.

The letter was organised by the Local Government Association. In it, Leeds leader, Councillor Wakefield, and the other Council leaders made clear the impact on services of further cuts from central government.

The letter showed that local authorities have suffered funding cuts of 33%, compared to the average reduction of Whitehall Departments of 12%. Whilst many authorities, including Leeds, have tried to protect vulnerable people wherever possible, the size of any further savings could endanger their abilities to protect important local…

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A Think Tank for Working Class People

A think tank for working people: Class Yorkshire Launch - Thu 13 June 2013, 6:30pm The Unite offices, 55 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BW With the Coalition Government and their programme of austerity and tax cuts for millionnaires, it is time that someone ensured that the political agenda was on the side of working people … Continue reading A Think Tank for Working Class People