PMQs: Corbyn Takes Charge

Jeremy Corbyn unleashed one of his best performances in Prime Minister's Questions today when he attacked Theresa May over Brexit and what it would mean for Northern Ireland and businesses in general. You can even watch the exchange, right here.

Environment: May Backs Fracking in Yorkshire

Could this story be any more Tory? Theresa May says that fracking would be safe and financially beneficial to local communities in Yorkshire. She didn't say how it would be safe, waffle about regulatory practices apart, and thinks that chucking money at the local communities will mitigate any problems. We're not daft in Yorkshire, I … Continue reading Environment: May Backs Fracking in Yorkshire

National Politics: May’s Attempt to Protect Politicians Not Welcomed

Commentators across the spectrum, from Conservative Home to Diane Abbott, have railed against Theresa May's idea to call for new laws to ban the intimidation of politicians. As Diane Abbott says, why should MPs have special rights?