Mark Henley to fight Adel and Wharfedale for Labour in Leeds Council elections in 2014.

Mark Henley has been chosen to fight Adel and Wharfedale in the Council elections in 2014. Mark has lived in North Leeds for the past fifteen years. He’s a barrister, who has been in self-employed practice in Leeds for eighteen years: and has long experience of working for local people as a professional advocate on … Continue reading Mark Henley to fight Adel and Wharfedale for Labour in Leeds Council elections in 2014.

We Own It – but not for much longer! Join Alex Sobel and sign up to fight privatisation of East Coast Mainline and Royal Mail

Make syre you sign up to these petitions

Leeds North West Constituency

We publish below a letter from a new group – We Own It. Alex Sobel, Leeds NW Labour candidate, has signed up to this. We fully support its aims, and urge you all to sign up to the petitions.

Do you want a say over your public services?logo_og.2

We’re campaigning for a Public Service Users Bill to promote public ownership and give you powers over your services – from the railways to the Royal Mail. Join us at Labour Party Conference in Brighton next Tuesday 24th September. We’ll be asking Labour to commit to introducing the Bill in its manifesto. The event is open, everyone is invited and you don’t need a pass. We’d love to see you there. You can sign up on facebook here.

Stand up for a public East Coast railway

Over 20,000 people – including many of you – believe the East Coast line is better…

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The Greg Mulholland Spin Dossier No. 6: Stuck in a Siding – Again

Leeds North West Constituency

As we have noted before, our Leeds NW Liberal Democrat MP thinks of himself as a different kind of politician.
This is how he describes himself – weirdly in the third person:

‘Whilst other politicians rely on spin, Greg is known as a plain speaker who is not afraid to speak his mind.’images

It is becoming clear to us, unfortunately, that his increasing reliance on spin is bordering on the pathological. In this dossier, we are talking railways!

On the 19th of August, Greg Mulholland informed his constituents online that he welcomed the fact that, ‘North Yorkshire County Council has taken the first step in what is anticipated to be a multi-million pound modernisation and improvement of services on the Harrogate rail line.’ He continued, ‘The electrification of the Harrogate line has the opportunity to provide a boost to the local economy and bring massive benefits for businesses, visitors and…

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