One in six households in Leeds North West in fuel poverty – less champagne, Dave, and more help for families struggling with the Cost of Living Crisis

Celebration of recovery may be premature – it’s certainly inappropriate as living costs soar.

Leeds North West Constituency

Families in Leeds North West and across the country can see what David Cameron and George Osborne are incapable of seeing: that the Government has failed to turn things around for Britain’s hard-working families.
We’ve had three damaging years of a flat-lining economy and the slowest economic recovery in over a century.
As we go round the constituency, people in Leeds North West tell us they are struggling – that things are getting harder not easier for them as the prices of essentials such as food, clothes and heating are rising much faster than wages.
The government boasts that they’ve fixed the economy but their decisions choked off the recovery and we’re yet to make up the ground lost since 2010.
The talk of economic recovery rings hollow for families that are still struggling with the cost of living crisis.

Since David Cameron became Prime Minister wages in Yorkshire and…

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Austerity isn’t working, and isn’t worth it – in Leeds North West or anywhere else

Leeds North West Constituency

Wednesday’s Labour Market Statistics looked good – or rather they looked a little better than the run of bad figures for the last three years. And we welcome them – any improvement is to be welcomed, since every single number is a real person, with a real life. And it is real people who have been carrying the burden of this Coalition Government’s austerity programme for too long.

Unfortunately, as we’ve stressed before, even these apparently improving figures hide very real regional variations.

In our own Constituency of Leeds North West the number of those claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance is up by 12% year on the year to July; people claiming JSA for over a year has risen by 20% in that same period. There’s been no change in the number of 18-24 year olds claiming JSA for over 12 months, and in NW Leeds we’ve seen a shocking 113%…

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Paying the Price of Government Failure – Unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber

Leeds North West Constituency

We recently posted an item on our website about unemployment and living standards in our constituency, Leeds North West. Here we turn our attention more widely to Yorkshire and the Humber. This has been made possible by the publication of the Yorkshire and the Humber Jobs and Opportunities Bulletin (July 2013).

The threat and the fact of unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber is a very serious one. The Coalition’s austerity programme has hit our region harder than some more affluent areas in the south of the country. No surprise there!

The evidence from across the country is clear. Five years after the global financial crisis and economic crash and with three years of coalition slash and burn policies, the UK has 2.5m people unemployed – 8 per cent of the labour force – including almost 1 million young people aged 16-24. The proportion of people who are in work…

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The Price of Government Failure – Unemployment in Leeds North West Parliamentary Constituency

Leeds North West Constituency

We have been posting recently about unemployment, underemployment and zero-hours contracts. Until now we have not been able to focus attention on how the Liberal Democrat and Tory led economic crisis is directly affecting the Leeds North West parliamentary constituency. Publication of the Labour Party’s ‘Yorkshire and the Humber Jobs and Opportunities Bulletin (July 2013)’ changes this.labour_at_work

The data supplied by the Office for National Statistics that forms the basis of the Yorkshire and the Humber Jobs and Opportunities Bulletin (July 2013) makes grim reading. For example:

  1. The number of under-25s claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance for over a year in the Leeds NW constituency increased by 400% between 2010 – 2013.
  2. The number of over-25s claiming Job Seekers Allowance in the Leeds NW constituency increased by more than 600% between 2010 – 2013.
  3. The gross weekly pay in £ of full-time earners in the Leeds NW Constituency, 2010 – 2012…

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The State, Enterprise and the Mystery of the Unemployment Figures

The claim that the Tory and Liberal Democrat Coalition is reducing or refiguring the size of the state and that this will free-up enterprise Britain is frequently trotted out by the Tory LibDem Coalition itself and by the Tory press. Half of this statement is true. Osborne, Cameron and Clegg are introducing measures that are … Continue reading The State, Enterprise and the Mystery of the Unemployment Figures